Real Hunting – Season 2

Season 2: Picking up with the same idea and a few new techniques, we hit the woods for another full season of scouting and hunting the Michigan woods.

If you are just looking for the shots and the deer we got check out 24:12, 34:37, 42:01, 1:06:52, and 1:19:05.

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What is Real Hunting?

Have you ever wanted a hunting video where the hunters hunted REAL game in the REAL woods like REAL hunters do? The Real Hunting team does just that. Whether scouting for sign, hanging stands, or hunting for state-land whitetail deer in the Michigan woods, this unscripted, unrehearsed, unbelievable adventure connects the gap between REAL hunters and hunting video.

Real Hunting follows Quinn Keon and Rich Smith through an entire hunting season, good times and bad, and shows you EVERYTHING. If you are serious about scouting, stand placement, scent control, and seeing deer, this is the video series that does it all. Ever dealt with competition on state land? You won’t believe what happens to Quinn’s gear by other competitive hunters.

This team pulls no punches and delivers a video that speaks to all hard-working sportsmen who understand how precious their time in the woods really is. This video is more than just the successful archery and firearm hunts, it’s the whole story, the real deal, the memories made in the REAL woods.