We are happy to be able to share our outdoor adventures with you. We’ve been at this for over 10 years now and have plans to add a lot more content. Looking back it’s hard to believe that so much time has passed since we first grabbed our cameras and started rolling on “Real Hunting – Season 1”. Since we now have over 30 HOURS of deer, small game, and varmint hunting as well as bowfishing videos on YouTube, we decided to make some changes to the website to better deliver our content to you. Thank you for stopping by, thank you for being our friend, and good luck in the woods!

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More Info: We started shooting video to try to create an educational, entertainment, outdoor adventure that the average hunter could relate to. Our videos are based on the premise of real guys hunting real game in the real woods. We stand firm on that.

Deer Hunting: Our “Season 1 & Season 2 DVD” as well as the “Season 3” video are full-season adventures…the whole story the whole season long. Since we discontinued the full-season model, we have been making shorter videos that still focus on the back story but seem to be more comfortable for most viewers to watch on the internet. We have several youth deer videos as well.

Bowfishing: Our bowfishing videos started with the “Carp Slam DVD“. We hit the river together for the first time in “The Search for Pine River Charlie” and since then have been hitting it hard every spring. Bowfishing is action-packed with lots of shots and lots of adventure. If you have never tried it, we recommend bowfishing when you need an adrenaline rush. We also have videos from our participation in the largest bowfishing tournament in the country…The Great Lakes Bowfishing Championship.

Small Game Hunting: We enjoy small game season too. However, we don’t get as much time to put into the woods during the fall as we are usually getting ready for deer season. We have several squirrel hunting videos including youth videos. The youth videos get a lot of views as they should. It’s fun watching kids having an adventure.

Varmint Hunting: This is a category that we need to do more often. We have one prairie dog video on the site at this time and we should get more…a lot more.

Projects/How to: We have done a few food plot videos over the years that have amounted to a lot of trial and error. The food plot video on our website was the best of the 3 as it shows proper techniques, has good growth, and results in contributing to more deer on the property. The field dressing video is getting a lot of positive response. This was just another day in the woods for us and we did not plan on making a field dressing video. We were simply filming “Season 1” and used this as a bonus on the “Season 1 & Season 2 DVD“. We are planning to add several more “how to” videos in the future.

Articles: We are planning to add several articles to the site that are hunting, firearm, and archery related. Lots more to come so please check back.