Post-Season Update

Today is January 17th…only 8 1/2 months until archery season! I’ve been planning treestand locations and food plot modifications. Deer hunting has become a year-round ordeal for me at this point in life. There are lots of ways for me to spend my time and I find planning, scouting, preparation, and hunting to be the most rewarding. I’ve got a big tree planting project panned for the spring that will hopefully yield apples within 5 years…we’ll see.

Bowfishing season is still open in Michigan! That’s cool! I saw a carp last week…or half a carp…lying on the ice. An eagle left it there. That got me fired up for spring bowfishing. Rich said he has “some plans” for his boat and he’s planning to bring his boat to the tournament in Caseville this year. I’m eager to see what he comes up with.

We’ve got some great firearm deer season video coming soon along with some intense bowfishing footage from last season!