2012 Archery Season – Week 1

Week 1 is done…and neither of us arrowed a deer.  I had a nice opportunity at a  2 1/2 year old buck but he was a big 4-point and I decided to let him walk (see below).  I’ve seen a few others over the past month that I would rather shoot so I’m taking my chances and hoping for another opportunity.

4-point buck

Rich saw very few deer on his property…that is not typical.  He usually sees more deer than me so that’s not a good start to the season.  There is another guy who hunts the property that Rich is on and he shot a 7-point last week.  Hopefully this week will pick up for Rich.

I scouted on my mountain bike on Sunday…my typical state land spot in Midland County.  No water, no acorns, no deer sign.  I ran into a couple other guys who were biking it too and they were also disappointed with the deer sign and lack of sightings while hunting.

One thought on “2012 Archery Season – Week 1

  1. I grew up rifle hunting and only rcneetly got into archery hunting. 2007 was my first season and I’m absolutely hooked! I saw alot of deer and some nice bucks, however was unable to harvest any. I learned alot about archery hunting and am confident I will have a trophy this season! Now I prefer archery season over rifle season because it is more challenging and I see alot more deer. I also just rcneetly discovered your website and think it’s great! I hope to submit a picture for your women in hunting in 2008.

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