New Article – Combat Bowhunting

Just a heads up this morning that we posted a new article called Combat Bowhunting to the site. I just got an email yesterday from a guy who is having his (private land) gear stolen and/or destroyed by nearby state land hunters. Many of you can probably relate…unfortunately. We hope you are having a good season!

3 thoughts on “New Article – Combat Bowhunting

    • You call me names yet you’re speaking about a sujcebt which you clearly don’t understand fully. Try looking up the Bureau of Land Management in Google. The is land in WY, CO, NM, AR, CA and others where ranchers are allowed to graze their animals.That doesn’t even take into consideration large ranching operations where they have hundreds or thousands of acres where they run livestock. It’s not possible to fence that large of an area and keep coyotes, or other predators, out.

  1. I have seen some monsters come out of Campbell cotnuy . 16 pointer off aa0farm is the biggest i have seena0in person taken,a0thelandowners have seen 3 more bigger than him one they lost coun after 18 points.. i’ll try and find a picture of the 16 to post it’s a monster, all of my deer have come off of that farm.

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