Bowfishing Blues

A day on “The Pine” with lots of carp is just what the doctor ordered to cure Quinn’s bowfishing blues. Even though they encounter challenges…Rich’s equipment problems, a lost prop nut, several missed opportunities, a broken battery lead on Quinn’s helmet camera…nothing can stop the Real Hunting Team from having fun when it’s such a beautiful day on a river in Michigan. Lots of shots, lots of carp, lots of adventure!

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One thought on “Bowfishing Blues

  1. My dad took me with him hunting since I was a very litlte girl. I have continued with the trend my whole life and there is nothing better for me. I raised both of my children on my own and they are avid hunters as well, one boy and one girl. Actually I think my daughter enjoys hunting more than my son. I pack in every year by myself with horses and mules for 2-3 weeks at a time. I don’t always fill my tags, but it’s great when I do. I have been doing archery now for about 5 years, have only been able to shoot deer with it, but learning more about it every year. I too, feel that we need to get more women in the field and more women members in the NRA to help us protect the heritage.

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