Bowhunting in Michigan – Focus on the Fun – Muzzy Phantom, Gold Tip, Lumenok, AR34

In this video, Quinn takes you through an entire archery season. Trying again for a 2 1/2 or older buck, he passes up 26 shots throughout the season. A couple 8-point opportunities come close but the deer never leave the cover. Finally on his last vacation day he arrows a 7-point and talks about focusing on fun rather than bigger bucks.

Not mentioned in this video was the use of Buck Fever Synthetics Pre-Post on the property throughout the season. This mock scrape setup was key to keeping bucks coming through this small 13 acre property.

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2 thoughts on “Bowhunting in Michigan – Focus on the Fun – Muzzy Phantom, Gold Tip, Lumenok, AR34

  1. John, you are right on They are here to stay. I have seen a couple other arcitles that have discussed Cross Bow laws in other states (I wish that I had saved them). i recall the arcitles saying that the first season there was a big rush on cross bows at the local sporting good stores, but the novelty was gone as fast as it came in. I think that we will probably see the same effect here in Michigan. A cross bow has some definite advantages, but the hunter that thinks a cross bow is going to be like hunting with a gun, is going to be in for a big surprise. Cross bow hunting will require the same disciplines as our conventional bow hunting. If hunters neglect scent control, and basic tactics they will not see deer in the 50 yard range 9 I am guessing that 50 yards will probably be the max range for a cross bow.

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