4 thoughts on “New Article – Always Have a Backup Hunting Location

  1. Good job!Hunting like it was meant to be.Age..no problem. Just like the old days. Once you are able, you are out there. Especailly with that type of woeapn from a safety standpoint, you don’t have to worry about a bad shot hitting someone or something.The woeapn…disgusting?! Really!?! Better than a high powered rifle w/ scope at 200 yards. Talk about challenging and evening the odds, you can’t get any better than this.Posted by: Daniel

  2. Cool.Shoot a bird. Make sure your dog doesn’t run off.Tell him to fetch it. Use a word.Repeat.WARNING: If you are on a farm, you may consider tying up your dog, as they will try to attcak the birds.References :

  3. I agree with you here…. I wouldn’t give a clue to any htneurs who asked me where the critters are! 🙂 We had bow htneurs in our parts last weekend, and today pheasant season opened, so there were several pick-up trucks parked nearby very early today.Hey,side note… check out my blog…. YOU won my mag subscription giveaway!! Yep, you really did! 🙂

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